aito.api.predict(client: aito.client.aito_client.AitoClient, query: Dict, raise_for_status: Optional[bool] = None, use_job: bool = False) → Union[aito.client.responses.query_api_response.PredictResponse, aito.client.aito_client.RequestError]

send a query to the Predict API

  • client (AitoClient) – the AitoClient instance

  • query (Dict) – the predict query

  • raise_for_status (Optional[bool]) – raise RequestError if the request fails instead of returning the error If set to None, value from Client will be used. Defaults to None

  • use_job (bool) – use job fo request that takes longer than 30 seconds, defaults to False


PredictResponse or RequestError if an error occurred and not raise_for_status

Return type

Union[PredictResponse, RequestError]