Aito Python SDK

Version 0.4.3

The Aito Python SDK is an open-source library that helps you to integrate your Python application to Aito quicker and more efficiently.

The SDK also includes the Aito Command Line Interface (CLI) that enables you to interact with Aito using commands in your command-line shell, e.g: infer a table schema from a file or upload a file to Aito.

Quick Installation

To install the latest stable version with pip, run:

pip install aitoai

To install this version with pip, run:

pip install aitoai==0.4.3

For more installation options, please check Installation

Basic Usage

Aito Command Line Interface

$ aito -h
  usage: aito [-h] [-V] [-v] [-q]

  optional arguments:
    -h, --help     show this help message and exit
    -V, --version  display the version of this tool
    -v, --verbose  display verbose messages
    -q, --quiet    display only error messages

  To see all available commands, you can run:
    aito list

  To see the help text, you can run:
    aito -h
    aito <command> -h
    aito <command> <subcommand> -h


For the database action, remember to set up your Aito instance credentials.

For an additional guide of the CLI tool, see the CLI documentations.

Aito SDK Overview



Data structure for the Aito Database Schema


Different APIs that takes an Aito Client object as the first argument


A utility to read, write, and convert a Pandas DataFrame in accordance to a Aito Table Schema


A utility to connect to a SQL Database


The Aito Python SDK is in the beta phase and we are already using it ourselves. This project is under constant development and is subject to change. Feel free to use the Aito SDK, and share any feedback with us via our Slack channel or our Issue tracker